David FourieHey, thanks for your interest in getting to know me a little better. My name is David, and this site is where I showcase and archive my WordPress knowledge, both for my own reference and for your use.

Who the [email protected]*# is David?

I’m a confirmed bachelor, living in a small town in rural South Africa and working with international clients in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and other places around the world. I learned everything I know about WordPress on the internet from sites like this one, and after a long time (since 2011) of learning while working with clients, I want to give back to others. Of course, it is also an opportunity to showcase my knowledge to potential clients, as well as pay some bills (yes, I use advertising and affiliate links on the site to offset the costs of creating and maintaining content for the site).

What does David do?

I’m a WordPress developer who started coding in HTML and CSS in 2003 and working with WordPress in 2011.

Some of the services I offer include:

  • WordPress Installation or Moving
  • WordPress Troubleshooting
  • WordPress Malware Removal
  • WordPress Security and Optimization
  • WordPress On-Site SEO Advice and Implementation
  • WordPress Theme Customization
  • WordPress Miscellaneous Tasks (such as formatting and posting content)

Please note that I do not offer graphic design services. I can find someone who can work with me to create graphics for clients, but I don’t create graphics.

I work exclusively through Upwork, and can be approached with project proposals on the Upwork platform.

What is this site about?

This site is all about WordPress. Yes, there’s already many other sites that cover WordPress topics, but I’ve often found that the information is not always perfectly accurate, and sometimes it’s not easy to understand (or there are just too many darn popups). This collection of articles are written from my own experience – if I haven’t done it, it’s not here. If I haven’t used a plugin, worked on a theme, or had a client with a particular host, it’s not here.

Random Facts About David

Because some of these things have actually been asked in interviews with clients.

  • I detest popups/popovers and will never use them. If you use them – great.
  • I enjoy travel, but prefer to do it with a companion who isn’t destination-focused. I’ve discovered many travel gems on impulse.
  • Somewhere I haven’t visited but would love to: Paris. And Canada in summer (I have some Canadian friends and they’re wonderful people.)
  • Ideal place to stay: anywhere with lots of light and little chance of natural disasters, preferably not in a city but close enough to one to travel easily.
  • I lived in the UK for two years in my early 20’s, working in Manchester and commuting from Brierfield.
  • Social justice issues (racism, homophobia, mental health, etc.) are close to my heart, which leads me to often get entangled in situations that would have been easier to avoid.
  • Teaching and working with youth are two of my passions which I have combined in the past. Unfortunately it doesn’t provide financial freedom, otherwise I’d do it full-time for the rest of my life.

What clients have said about David

David did a great job and is highly recommended. He spent the time to understand the job/requirements and made all the changes I requested. He was also able to provide insight and recommendations during the process and pointed me to numerous resources that saved me time.

Extremely satisfied with the quality of work that David provided. Friendly, excellent communicator and able to tackle our job with savvy/expediency. Would highly recommend to others and would rehire for future job.

David is a consummate business professional. He offered, very diplomatically, solid practical advice on technical issues in his purview which proved critical to the success of our project. We made our adjustments based on that advice and could not be more satisfied with the end result. He executed all necessary tasks with speed, skill, and faultless accuracy.

David has always done a great job for me and has made many many changes to my site, some planned and some unexpected. We made some major changes and no task or issue phased him. He is very thorough and will make suggestions of where things can be improved or optimized.

I’ve worked with David many times and he always goes beyond the call of duty.

A recent (2 October 2019) comment on Skype from a regular corporate client:

You have no idea how nice it is to be able to call on you for stuff like this on crazy days!

Get in touch with David

You’ve heard enough about me; it’s time to tell me a little about you. What brought you here? How can I make things easier for you? Was there something on this site that you particularly enjoyed? Let me know in the comments.