Since 24 July 2015, the owner of Work At Home No Scams has relied on me for technical aspects of his WordPress website properties.

Some of the project tasks we’ve completed include:

  • Converting an HTML site to WordPress and redesigning it in Thrive Architect
  • Security and Site Speed Audit and Optimization
  • Various WordPress child theme edits including HTML and CSS customization
  • Setting up staging environments for testing purposes

Some technical aspects I’ve worked with on the projects include:

Our collaboration continues on an ad hoc basis.

Some public feedback (on my Upwork profile) received over the course of the projects include:

David was just so knowledgeable and always went beyond the call of duty. He would anticipate things that I never considered. And despite not being familiar with the theme I insisted he used, he quickly learned and mastered it. – 12 September 2015

I’ve been working with David for years. And he always goes beyond the call of duty. This project was no different. – 15 September 2019

Work at Home no Scams